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orton glow

  • Full editing course on landscape photography

    by Albert Dros
    This course is all about getting the most out of your RAW files through various postprocessing techniques. If you're interested to learn basic and advanced postprocessing techniques to get your images to the next level, then this course is for you.
    I have no secrets. Everyone has their own vision and the way they see things. Even if I teach you all of my techniques, you'll still not create the same images, simply because every person is different.
    To me, a photo serves as a memory. And sometimes I romanticise that moment by adding touches of beauty, playing with colour and enhancing light. However, the moment stays intact. I don't replace skies, add milky ways, or any different elements. Simply because I want to portray the moment and the story. By changing the moment completely in postprocessing, the real moment or story, is gone.
    landscapefocus stackingnoise reductionmaskingexposure blendingcolor paintingorton glowphotoshoplightroomluminarpaid
  • Advanced Concepts Volume 1

    by Nick Page
    In this course Nick covers some of the more difficult blending techniques.
    Covered in this course
    Exposure blending and Focus stacking in the same image
    Problem solving failed focus stacks
    Shutter speed and Exposure blending in the same image
    Shutter speed and Focus stacking in the same image
    Utilizing Feathered masks and selections
    Creating atmosphere
    Creating depth
    Creating visual path in messy scenes
    This course includes 5 video chapters, with a combined runtime of over 2 hours.
    landscapefocus stackingshutter speed blendorton glowphotoshoppaid