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dramatic landscapes

  • Light Contouring

    by Ryan Dyar
    Figuring out how to make light appear three dimensional in my images is one of the most game-changing things I've done for my post processing skill set. In this tutorial we utilize simple techniques, that you may already know, but apply them in a way you may never have thought to try. Take full control of the light in your photos and use it to make images that truly shine with deep dimensionality. 
    This video shows you what I love to do most in Photoshop; controlling, enhancing, and even creating light. These are some of the most powerful techniques any digital photographer could add to their bag of tricks and will take their photos to the next level.  
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshoppaid
  • Something From Nothing - El Capitan

    by Ryan Dyar
    This in-depth tutorial is a laid back journey into seeing what can be created when timing and field technique is not working in our favor. Join in as we attempt to make something from nothing by blending different atmospherics from two separate RAW files taken several minutes apart… after already moving the camera. More than just trying to blend a couple images, the processing of this image requires fixing/creating reflections, removing distractions elements, using atmosphere to solve a compositional flaw, building three dimensional textures, the many ways ACR local adjustments can be used, and a lot more. If you’re more of a conservative type image editor then this tutorial might cause you anxiety. 
    landscapedramatic landscapesthree dimensional texturesblendingphotoshopacrpaid
  • Something from Nothing 2

    by Ryan Dyar
    Have you ever taken a photo you were excited about, just to get home and realize that it didn't represent the scene you experienced in the field? Unfortunately, this is a common issue most photographers I know have experienced. However, with modern software and a little creative vision you can make something from nothing. 
    This video starts with one of the more bland photos I have ever taken that didn't do the actual scene any justice. Watch along as I bring as much color and light out of the RAW files as possible, clean up the foreground, create a light source to light the mountain, building and enhancing cloud structure, and more. Almost two hours of knowledge with no filler!
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshopacrpaid
  • Start to Finish - A Creative Puzzle

    by Ryan Dyar
    Creative vision in the field is what can lead to creative vision in post-processing. In this tutorial we go from taking the photos for our creative puzzle in the field, to piecing them together on the computer. Starting with a multi-layered perspective blend and sky relocation, we go on to perform an entire workflow consisting of RAW processing, range masks, focus stacking, luminosity masks, light creation, warping, liquifying, pinching, atmosphere enhancements, texture adjustments and much more. 
    This tutorial covers the modern techniques many of the most creative photographers are using today, yet very rarely reveal. 
    landscapedramatic landscapesfocus stackingluminosity masksrange maskscreative warpingliquifyingatmosphere enhancementperspective blendphotoshopacrpaid
  • Working with Winter

    by Ryan Dyar
    These are Santa's favorite type of images to process... winter landscapes! This tutorial covers all the techniques I use to make crisp, clean, and fresh looking winter images. From creating blowing snow, falling snowflakes, highlight glints, composing with contrast, rim-light, a fix for mediocre snow, and a lot more. As always, I cut out any parts of the video that are not useful information. All learning, no filler. I'm excited to share these processing ideas with you!
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshoppaid
  • Let's Change the Weather - Mt. Whitney

    by Ryan Dyar
    The “Something From Nothing” series that I started six years ago has been one of my favorite types of Photoshop tutorials to make, and this one is fairly extreme with a lot of techniques I haven’t shared before. 
    For starters, it’s the only monochrome (*but not) image I’ve ever processed for a tutorial. Second, this video shows us just how crazy we can go with fog and atmospheric adjustments… which turns out to be A LOT. 
    Then there are things like split-toning, handmade light rays, astonishing amounts of cloning from several exposures, how large of a role that the Adobe Camera Raw filter can play in our workflow, hand-drawn textures, and more. 
    landscapedramatic landscapessplit toninglight raysphotoshoppaid