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Nick Page

A landscape photographer known for his high quality post processing and epic images.


  • Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography

    by Nick Page
    Covered in this course
    Setting up photoshop
    Round tripping between Lightroom and Photoshop
    Setting up and saving a workspace
    Utilizing Smart objects
    Using Adjustment Layers
    Using Layer Masks
    Using Pixel Layers
    Using Luminosity Masks
    Using Luminosity Selections
    Cleaning up images
    Exposure Blending
    Focus Stacking
    Dual Processing
    and much much more.
    landscapefocus stackingluminosity masksdual processingphotoshoppaid
  • Advanced Concepts Volume 1

    by Nick Page
    In this course Nick covers some of the more difficult blending techniques.
    Covered in this course
    Exposure blending and Focus stacking in the same image
    Problem solving failed focus stacks
    Shutter speed and Exposure blending in the same image
    Shutter speed and Focus stacking in the same image
    Utilizing Feathered masks and selections
    Creating atmosphere
    Creating depth
    Creating visual path in messy scenes
    This course includes 5 video chapters, with a combined runtime of over 2 hours.
    landscapefocus stackingshutter speed blendorton glowphotoshoppaid
  • Balancing Warm and Cold Tones

    by Nick Page
    In this video we do an edit walkthrough of an image that is all about the color relationship between the Warm and the Cold tones in the image.
    landscapecolor balancephotoshopfree
  • Astrophotography Post Processing course

    by Nick Page
    In these videos Nick gives you his tips and techniques for bringing out the most of your milkyway and astrophotography images
    Covered in this course:
    Dual processing RAW files
    Exposure Blending multiple files
    Milkyway Panoramas
    Targeted adjustments using luminosity masks
    Bringing out the detail in the Milkyway
    Controled Dodging and Burning
    Adding Glow and Atmosphere
    Adding in light painted frames
    Selective noise reduction
    This is a 5 video set, with 3 complete image walk through edits, as well as two previously released videos containing behind the scenes videos from in the field as well as the planning stage planning a shoot with a combined runtime of almost 2 hours.
    astrophotographylight paintingmilky waydual processingphotoshoppaid
  • Dramatic Black and White

    by Nick Page
    In this 4 video course you will learn different ways to create visual flow and maximize depth and visual flow in your Black and White Images
    Included are 4 practice files, 4 lessons with a combined run time of about 2 hours
    Covered in this course
    Utilizing Smart Objects in a Black and White conversion
    Utilizing Guided Dodging and Burning in B&W images
    The importance of Contrast and Visual Flow
    Controlling Tones through Color
    Utilizing Dual Processing and Luminosity masks in a Black and White workflow
    landscapeblack and whitephotoshoppaid
  • Mastering Luminosity Masks II

    by Nick Page
    Creation tools and methods
    Altering Luminosity masks
    Exposure blending using Luminosity masks
    Exposure blending difficult scenes using Luminosity masks
    Dodging and Burning using Luminosity masks
    Adding selective contrast using Luminosity masks
    Creating Depth using Luminosity masks
    Managing messy scenes using Luminosity masks
    Dual Processing using Luminosity masks
    The total runtime of this course is just over 2 hours over 10 videos.
    landscapeexposure blendingdual processingdodging and burningluminosity masksphotoshoppaid
  • Mastering Dodging and Burning

    by Nick Page
    Covered in this course:
    Why Dodging and burning is such a crucial part of the editing process
    Freehand dodging and burning
    Guided Dodging and burning
    Dodging and Burning using smart objects
    Dodging and Burning using contrast adjustments
    Creating Depth and atmosphere
    Creating visual path
    Creating Color separation
    This is a 11 video set, with a Combined runtime of around 1.75 hours
    landscapedodging and burningphotoshoppaid