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Alex Noriega

I'm a full-time nature photographer and photography educator based in the desert Southwest of the United States. I aim to convey a sense of mystery with my photographs - to spark the viewer’s imagination. These days, I prefer to focus on more subtle, intimate scenes with less context. I have a great appreciation for the timeless compositions of the masters of film, and I enjoy blending the influence of this classic style with contemporary techniques in my work. Composition and light are everything, aided (but not replaced) by development in the digital darkroom.


  • Three Trees

    by Alex Noriega
    I cover the post-production of three very different tree images: Ariandel, Forest Haven, and Rainbow Rider. While the forest is a common theme among these photographs, they feature greatly varied atmosphere, color, and light. You'll learn a wide variety of techniques due to their diversity, but it will also be helpful to see which techniques I use on all three, so that you can learn how to apply them to any situation and any type of light.
  • Edge of Light

    by Alex Noriega
    I’ll show you how I harness the potential of common types of light in three of my favorite images: Crescendo, Funnel Factory, and Agon Wastes. These photos feature three of my favorite types of light: the last direct light of the evening, soft pre-dawn twilight, and dappled afternoon light created by cloud shadows. You’ll learn a variety of ideas and techniques for working creatively with light and color in your photographs, outside of sunrises and sunsets.
    landscapedodging and burninglightphotoshoppaid
  • Simplify

    by Alex Noriega
    My first tutorial release in nearly four years is all about the one idea that underpins everything I do as a photographer: simplicity.
    Four chapters demonstrating post-production concepts using 10 different images
    Start-to-finish processing of my image Kindred Spirits
    Special chapter on how I find and simplify my compositions
    Special chapter detailing my curation process
    Raw and project files included
    High quality 1440p video
    Detailed table of contents for easy navigation
    If you’ve ever wondered how I approach composition, how I make my images appear so clean, how the subjects stand out so well, or how my collections are assembled, this tutorial is for you.