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  • Exposure blending video tutorial

    by Adam Gibbs
    The dynamic range that modern-day digital cameras can capture in one exposure is phenomenal. However, maintaining detail within both highlights and shadows is one of the most significant challenges for landscape photographers. Although the latest cameras can record scenes with substantial discrepancies between deep shadows and the brightest of highlights, some scenes require a helping hand with either graduated neutral density filters or post-processing techniques. 
    landscapeexposure blendingluminosity masksphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Full editing course on landscape photography

    by Albert Dros
    This course is all about getting the most out of your RAW files through various postprocessing techniques. If you're interested to learn basic and advanced postprocessing techniques to get your images to the next level, then this course is for you.
    I have no secrets. Everyone has their own vision and the way they see things. Even if I teach you all of my techniques, you'll still not create the same images, simply because every person is different.
    To me, a photo serves as a memory. And sometimes I romanticise that moment by adding touches of beauty, playing with colour and enhancing light. However, the moment stays intact. I don't replace skies, add milky ways, or any different elements. Simply because I want to portray the moment and the story. By changing the moment completely in postprocessing, the real moment or story, is gone.
    landscapefocus stackingnoise reductionmaskingexposure blendingcolor paintingorton glowphotoshoplightroomluminarpaid
  • Three Trees

    by Alex Noriega
    I cover the post-production of three very different tree images: Ariandel, Forest Haven, and Rainbow Rider. While the forest is a common theme among these photographs, they feature greatly varied atmosphere, color, and light. You'll learn a wide variety of techniques due to their diversity, but it will also be helpful to see which techniques I use on all three, so that you can learn how to apply them to any situation and any type of light.
  • Edge of Light

    by Alex Noriega
    I’ll show you how I harness the potential of common types of light in three of my favorite images: Crescendo, Funnel Factory, and Agon Wastes. These photos feature three of my favorite types of light: the last direct light of the evening, soft pre-dawn twilight, and dappled afternoon light created by cloud shadows. You’ll learn a variety of ideas and techniques for working creatively with light and color in your photographs, outside of sunrises and sunsets.
    landscapedodging and burninglightphotoshoppaid
  • Simplify

    by Alex Noriega
    My first tutorial release in nearly four years is all about the one idea that underpins everything I do as a photographer: simplicity.
    Four chapters demonstrating post-production concepts using 10 different images
    Start-to-finish processing of my image Kindred Spirits
    Special chapter on how I find and simplify my compositions
    Special chapter detailing my curation process
    Raw and project files included
    High quality 1440p video
    Detailed table of contents for easy navigation
    If you’ve ever wondered how I approach composition, how I make my images appear so clean, how the subjects stand out so well, or how my collections are assembled, this tutorial is for you.
  • Mastering Macro Photography The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial

    by Andres Moline
    This macro photography tutorial takes you through a variety of studio shoots and then into the jungles of Central America. Andres teaches his techniques to shoot fine art, products, live insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Each lesson is accompanied by a post-processing section where Andres will demonstrate his full Lightroom and Photoshop workflow. This tutorial is perfect for anyone wanting to get started in or perfect their macro photography.
    macropanoramacolor correctionfocus stackingmaskingcompositinglightningphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photo Editing Masterclass

    by Daniel Kordan
    5 Hours in 26 Videos, signature post processing explained.
    Learn to isolate animal portrait from the background, work with fur texture, color grade portrait, work with light&shadows. Edit with multiple examples: orangutan portrait and family in natural scene. Edit Lions in Africa - dark and high key.
    Discover what colors hide in the flaming sky and learn how to bring them out. Learn to stitch a panorama and post process it using signature softening techniques. Lightroom Classic and PS workflow.
    Learn to edit classical travel photo from Japan. Suitable for very beginners too, as Daniel explains everything step by step, every tool explained. From RAW file until the very final result!
    Advanced technique techniques explained in a few easy steps. Focus stacking is used to extend depth of field, overcome physical limitations and bring to life 3D-like images.
    Learn to edit Night photos and Night Panorama, bring balanced colors of the milky way and reveal the potential of Light painting. Learn Daniel's Signature workflow.
    Learn to edit cityscapes, including daytime photo processing from Dubai, night photo color grading and cityscape panorama stitching.  Discover Time Blending. 
    travelfocus stackingnight photographyhdrpanoramanightphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photographing the World 1 Landscape Photography and Post-Processing

    by Elia Locardi
    This tutorial will take you from the on-location capture all the way through Elia's post-processing techniques in the studio. To produce a truly unique landscape tutorial unlike any other, we traveled to both Iceland and New Zealand so we could teach lessons in two completely different climates and seasons. From waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland to lakes and ocean sides in New Zealand, Photographing the World has something for everyone interested in landscape photography.
    landscapecolor correctionluminosity maskstime blendinghdrlong exposurephotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photographing the World 2 Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Advanced Post-Processing

    by Elia Locardi
    This tutorial will take you from the on-location capture all the way through Elia's post-processing techniques in the studio. To produce a truly unique landscape tutorial unlike any other, we traveled to Italy, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand so we could teach lessons in a variety of shooting situations. From the ancient temples of Angkor Wat to the modern skylines of Singapore and Hong Kong, Photographing the World has something for everyone interested in cityscape photography.
    cityscapecolor correctionluminosity maskstime blendinghdrlong exposuremilky wayastrophotographycompositionphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photographing the World 3 Advanced Cityscapes

    by Elia Locardi
    In this tutorial, Elia explores his favorite country, Italy, as well as two of the largest mega cities in the world, New York City and Dubai. Building upon the first two Photographing the World series, part III explores more advanced editing techniques as well as unique capturing methods in the field. Elia finds himself capturing stars in a city, dealing with harsh weather, scouting towns he has never previously visited, gaining access to unique rooftop views, using tilt shift lenses and Gigapan hardware, and even capturing the magnificant fog of Dubai.
    cityscapecolor correctionluminosity maskstime blendinghdrlong exposurecompositionpanoramaexposure blendingsky replacementphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photographing the World: Japan

    by Elia Locardi
    If you want to take your photos to the next level or become a professional landscape photographer, this video series is for you. Join world-renowned photographer Elia Locardi on a trip around Japan in this 14-hour-long tutorial that covers everything involved in capturing and editing world-class travel photography.
    travelcolor correctionluminosity maskstime blendinghdrlong exposurecompositionexposure blendingsky replacementphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Dark Processing Masterclass

    by Enrico Fossati
    Dark Processing Masterclass is a collection of instructional videos to process landscape photographs with a dark and epic mood. I produced the first series of this kind of pictures back in 2013 and I released the first version of this video in 2017. Actually Dark Processing is one of the most popular and imitated post-processing styles among landscapers. Now I produced a new and comprehensive bundle of videos about this technique for overhaul and transform any landscape in an epic and cinematic scene.
    landscapepanoramaexposure blendingperspective blendingcolor gradingdodge and burnluminosity masksglowphotoshopacrnik collectiontopazpaid
  • A Journey into the world of forests

    by Enrico Fossati
    A Journey into the world of forests
    A Journey into the world of forests is a collection of instructional videos to process forest landscape photographs with a particular fantasy and painterly feeling I developed over the years. After many years I spent shooting forests and streams I decided to build a collection of videos focused on this particular genre of photography that I particularly love. The masterclass will talk about inspiration, and processing forest scenes to render them with a special fantasy and painterly style.
    The masterclass is composed of 6 Videos plus an introduction in which I explain from start to finish the process of the images for a duration of about 6 hours. The process explained is characterized by a strong artistic component where a certain amount of manual work is needed. Once acquired, the necessary skill can grant you the ability to develop your own unique pictures.
    landscapecolor gradingdodge and burnluminosity masksglowphotoshopacrnik collectiontopazpaid
  • Tools of the Trade

    by Eric Bennet
    Essential post processing techniques that cover multiple basic and advanced concepts.
    landscapecolor separationpanoramalight paintingprint preparationweb preparationtime blendingenhancing colorremoving water spotswarpingexposure blendingmidtone contrastcolor harmonydodging and burningenhance atmospherephotoshoppaid
  • Essential Theory - Refining Composition 1

    by Eric Bennet
    This video focuses on the fundamental compositional principles that go into making a compelling photograph. Instead of technical aspects of photography, I explain more about the art of photography–telling a story through images and creating thought provoking photographs that move others. It consists of 7 chapters, breaking down what can specifically be done in order to create a composition that is concise and powerful. You will see detailed explanations of each principle, personal stories from the field, and many image examples where these concepts are demonstrated through both my successes and failures, so you can know how to implement them into your own photography as well as what you can avoid. You will learn how to better organize both wide and intimate scenes, understand and compose abstract scenes, create visual flow, draw attention and focus to your subjects, know what to include or exclude, pre-visualize images, and influence the viewer's eye to look exactly where you want them to.
    This is where it all begins, with taking a great photo in the field. These are the most important things I have learned over the last decade as a landscape photographer.
  • Essential Theory - Refining Composition 2

    by Eric Bennet
    Once you are able to see light the way I do, you will realize there is no such thing as bad light, and be able to create scenes all throughout the day–no longer limited by weather conditions and factors that are out of your control. The second installment of this series focuses on the many different qualities of both direct and indirect light that you can encounter in the field, how to anticipate them, and creative and effective ways you can utilize them in order to create compelling images with strong visual flow. It consists of 7 Chapters in order to cover my entire approach to photographing natural light from sun up until sun down. You will gain a clear understanding of the nuances of light, the role that light and shadow play in composition by accentuating certain elements and hiding others, and how to pair subject matter with the kind of lighting that will best complement it in order to create a cohesive scene with a strong sense of subject, depth, balance, visual flow, and mood. I also show several different ways you can photograph ordinary light in order to make it appear more spectacular.
    Capturing natural light is not only my favorite part of photography, it is the most fundamental principle of photography. Until you learn how to work with the light, it will work against you. 
  • "Luminance" - Enhancing Soft Light

    by Eric Bennet
    This tutorial shows the different tools and techniques I use to enhance soft light in a bold yet natural looking way. Since soft light is the most commonly occurring kind of lighting, understanding more ways that it can be used effectively will help you to be more creative and unlock more possibilities. I show my approach to handling three different kinds of soft light: shade, overcast, and twilight. Through the four different image examples, you will see my entire workflow and how it differs in each image according to the quality of the light, subject matter, and overall feeling. You will also notice that I use some of the same techniques in all of them. 
    You will see how I subtly build contrast through a combination of different adjustments. The main techniques demonstrated are: using luminosity masks to target specific areas and increase midtone contrast, color separation, luminance, depth, and definition in the scene in a non-destructive way. I also show ways to improve color harmony, eliminate color casts, manage saturation, increase tonality, dodge and burn, mitigate distractions, and resize and sharpen for the web. Most importantly, my concise and deliberate workflow is easy to follow and implement in your own images. 
    landscapecompositiondodge and burncolor separationdepthphotoshoppaid
  • "Dark Brilliance" - Low Key Processing

    by Eric Bennet
    This tutorial video shows how I process high contrast scenes with intense lighting and deep shadows. I also review all the other exposures I took in the field of these scenes while the lighting was changing and articulate my process of trying different compositions and how I ended up selecting the exposures that I edited.
    The main techniques demonstrated are: using luminosity masks to target specific areas and add midtone contrast, color separation, depth, and definition to the scene in a non-destructive way. I also show ways to simplify the color palette, enhance light, improve tonality, add drama, time blend, minimize and clone out distractions, improve visual flow, precisely correct lens distortion, and resize and sharpen for the web. Most importantly, my concise and deliberate workflow is very easy to follow and implement in your own scenes.
    landscapemidtone contrastcolor separationtime blendingphotoshoppaid
  • "High Key Processing" - Start to Finish Video

    by Eric Bennet
    This tutorial video contains 4 chapters, where I first cover the theory behind High Key Processing, and then show the full workflow and techniques I used in order to process these 3 images from start to finish. I use high key processing in some of my images in order to give them a surreal, pure, and bright feeling. The main techniques covered are, but not limited to: RAW Processing, Color Management, Adding Midtone Contrast, Creating Micro Contrast, Using Luminosity Masks, Raising Exposure While Preserving Highlights, Enhancing Atmosphere, and Cloning Out Distractions. Most importantly, you will learn what kind of lighting, composition, and subject matter lend themselves best to the unique look of high key processing, so that you know when to apply it to your own images. This video is intended for photographers that have already seen some of my other videos, where I spend more time explaining basic techniques; here, I mainly spend time explaining the techniques that are not shown in my other videos.
    landscapemidtone contrastcolor separationtime blendingluminosity masksmicrocontrastphotoshoppaid
  • Post Production: Cantabria

    by Francesco Gola
    Optimizing the workflow allows you to improve your post-production and thus achieve more easily and quickly the desired results. The course is structured in different sections and videos, covering in over 3 hours all the post-production topics from the RAW management to the export of the file. Following the videos, you will learn a new workflow that can be immediately applied to your images.
    seascapelong exposurecolor managementluminosity maskstonality masksphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Swimwear Photography Lighting, Posing, and Retouching

    by Joey Wright
    With 40 lessons and more than 20 hours of video content, this tutorial will take you through Joey's complete workflow including capturing the image on location, adjusting the raw files in post-production, and ultimately delivering the final retouched image to the client. If you are a photographer who wants to learn more about posing models, working with hair and makeup artists, working with natural light and strobe light on location, and turning your photography into a business, Joey's Swimwear Photography tutorial has something for everyone.
    swimwearposingskin retouchinglocation scoutingpricingphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Understanding Exposure: Master Your Camera Settings

    by Joshua Cripps
    This course is designed to help brand new photographers understand their cameras. There are three settings you MUST understand in order to take great photos: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This course teaches you the ins and outs of those settings and how they interact to create exposure. 
    The course doesn’t stop there. It also teaches you why you should use certain settings, what the technical and artistic effects are, and what’s best to use in each situation, so you can shoot like an artist.
    landscapecamera settingstheorypaid
  • Daydream Start to Finish

    by Marco Grassi
    In this in depth tutorial, you’ll learn my complete workflow on editing this image, starting in Lightroom and ending in Photoshop. I will explain you different post-processing techniques and you’ll be able to understand how to add tridimensionality to your pictures and enhance them. Scroll below to see the before and after and read more details.
    landscapelens flare removalcolorscreate depthphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Zelda Start to Finish

    by Marco Grassi
    Learn how to get something out of nothing and turn an unusable file into a great image with this in depth tutorial. Scroll below to see the before and after and read more details.
    landscapedodging and burningpolarizer effectluminosity masksphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Pledge Start to Finish

    by Marco Grassi
    Learn how to change the mood of your image and turn a flat file, shot during the harsh daylight, into a dramatic and unique scene with this in depth tutorial. Scroll below to see the before and after and read more details
    landscapedramatic lookphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Photo Editing Tutorial for Architecture Photos

    by Michael Breitung
    In this photo editing tutorial, I share my complete workflow for processing Architecture Photos in Lightroom and Photoshop.
    I love to take cityscape and architecture photos during my travels. My favorite time to do so is during the blue hour. The color contrast between the blue sky and the incandescent lights in the city was just fantastic at that time.
    During a visit to Venice, I captured many such photos. One of those is the photo you see in the before-and-after comparison below. The first photo shows the out-of-camera RAW file without any settings applied. The second image shows the final result of the photo editing. In the tutorial, you’ll learn every technique I used to create it.
    architecturedodge and burnluminosity masksphotoshoplightroomnik color efexlumenziapaid
  • Photo Editing for Night Photos

    by Michael Breitung
    In this video tutorial, I share my complete workflow for editing Milky Way photos. My main focus with such night photos is for them to reflect the atmosphere of the night while showing enough detail to create interest in the foreground. To achieve this, I developed special photo editing techniques, which I share in the tutorial.
    Because I want to be able to create large prints of my photos, another goal of my night photo editing is to achieve the highest possible image quality. That’s why another focus of the tutorial is on dealing with noise and ensuring sharpness from close foreground to far background in Milky Way photos.
    nightfocus stackingmilky wayphotoshoplightroomsequatornik collectionpaid
  • Photo Editing for Star Trail Photos

    by Michael Breitung
    In this photo editing tutorial, I show my complete workflow for processing star trail photos. My main focus when editing such images is, similar to my tutorial for processing night photos, to reflect the atmosphere of the night while showing enough detail to create interest in the foreground.
    Because during a pitch black night, it’s hard to find a light source that could justify detail to be visible in the foreground, I often use a technique called time-blending to include glow from twilight. If introduced subtly, this glow can serve as the light source and help to create a better result.
    As usual, the workflow I show in the tutorial ensures the highest possible quality for the resulting photos, a requirement for printing.
    nightfocus stackingstar trailsphotoshoplightroomstartrailsstar staxluminarpaid
  • Photo Editing for Panorama Photos

    by Michael Breitung
    In this photo editing tutorial, I show my complete workflow for creating high-quality panoramic images. I use the tricky panorama I took at Cape Woolamai as an example image. The light that evening was spectacular but also fleeting, so I had to work fast. Because my wide-angle lens wasn’t sufficient to capture the whole cove, I opted for a panorama combined with bracketing.
    With the direct sunlight, the rolling waves, and the fact that I wasn’t using a nodal rail or special panorama equipment, putting the photo together to create a high-quality result involved a set of unique techniques.
    landscapepanoramaexposure blendingdodging and burningphotoshoplightroomnik collectionpaid
  • Start To Finish Photography Editing Tutorial: Creating Dark and Dramatic Moods

    by Michael Shainblum
    Landscape Photography processing tutorial: This video shows my entire start-to-finish process for my Dolomites image. In this video I discuss the reasons for taking the image the way that I did. The gear and tools used to create the photo. Then we go through my process of creating dark/dramatic moods in Adobe Lightroom and syncing multiple files. We then take the images into Adobe Photoshop to mask them together and add final touches to make the photo really shine. The video also covers dodging/burning, color correction and basic web sharpening. Runtime 1 hour and 14 minutes. This file size is almost 4GB so please be patient with the download and make sure you have a good connection.
    landscapecolor correctiondodging and burningphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Astrophotography and Star Photography Processing Tutorial

    by Michael Shainblum
    In this hour long Star Photography Processing Tutorial you will learn some of my favorite techniques for editing the Milky Way. I also talk about shooting techniques I use in Astrophotography and Milky Way Photography. Techniques include image stacking, basic photo blending, Lightroom panorama stitching, correcting panorama distortion in Photoshop, processing single frames in Lightroom and dodging/burning the Milky Way in Photoshop. Astrophotography can seem a bit daunting at first and processing these files can be a lot of fun with a little understanding. 
    astrophotographyastrophotographynightnoise reductionpanoramaphotoshoppaid
  • Start to finish processing tutorial: seascape 'sanctuary'

    by Michael Shainblum
    Landscape Photography Photoshop Tutorial: In This tutorial I will explain in detail the step by step techniques, used to create one of my favorite images “Sanctuary”.
    seascapecolor correctionluminosity masksdodging and burningexposure blendingperspective blendingphotoshoppaid
  • Start to finish photography editing tutorial: blending for dynamic range and processing tough situations

    by Michael Shainblum
    Landscape Photography post processing tutorial: In this landscape photography editing tutorial, I will explain in detail the step by step techniques used to create one of my favorite images, “Phoenix”. This will include the overall process from start to finish of how I edit my landscape images. You will be provided with the relevant files to follow along with during this photography tutorial. We will begin with a Lightroom session, focused on basic edits and organizing the files. Then opening those files into Photoshop to include more advanced image blending, dodging, burning and techniques that will allow you to have full control over your images.   
    seascapeluminosity masksexposure blendingcolor correctionphotoshoppaid
  • How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals

    by Mike Kelley
    In this tutorial, Mike Kelley teaches how to shoot high-quality photos of any property to increase short-term rentals or improve home sales.
    architecturecompositionmultiple exposuressky replacementhdrphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Where Art Meets Architecture 4 How to Photograph Luxury Architecture and Real Estate

    by Mike Kelley
    Fstoppers has teamed up with Mike Kelley for the fourth installment of Where Art Meets Architecture. With 31 Lessons and over 14 hours of content, Mike takes you to some of the most expensive real estate in Los Angeles to show you his updated process for photographing luxury homes.
    architecturecompositionluminosity masksmultiple exposuressky replacementcolor correctionphotoshoplightroompaid
  • Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography

    by Nick Page
    Covered in this course
    Setting up photoshop
    Round tripping between Lightroom and Photoshop
    Setting up and saving a workspace
    Utilizing Smart objects
    Using Adjustment Layers
    Using Layer Masks
    Using Pixel Layers
    Using Luminosity Masks
    Using Luminosity Selections
    Cleaning up images
    Exposure Blending
    Focus Stacking
    Dual Processing
    and much much more.
    landscapefocus stackingluminosity masksdual processingphotoshoppaid
  • Advanced Concepts Volume 1

    by Nick Page
    In this course Nick covers some of the more difficult blending techniques.
    Covered in this course
    Exposure blending and Focus stacking in the same image
    Problem solving failed focus stacks
    Shutter speed and Exposure blending in the same image
    Shutter speed and Focus stacking in the same image
    Utilizing Feathered masks and selections
    Creating atmosphere
    Creating depth
    Creating visual path in messy scenes
    This course includes 5 video chapters, with a combined runtime of over 2 hours.
    landscapefocus stackingshutter speed blendorton glowphotoshoppaid
  • Astrophotography Post Processing course

    by Nick Page
    In these videos Nick gives you his tips and techniques for bringing out the most of your milkyway and astrophotography images
    Covered in this course:
    Dual processing RAW files
    Exposure Blending multiple files
    Milkyway Panoramas
    Targeted adjustments using luminosity masks
    Bringing out the detail in the Milkyway
    Controled Dodging and Burning
    Adding Glow and Atmosphere
    Adding in light painted frames
    Selective noise reduction
    This is a 5 video set, with 3 complete image walk through edits, as well as two previously released videos containing behind the scenes videos from in the field as well as the planning stage planning a shoot with a combined runtime of almost 2 hours.
    astrophotographylight paintingmilky waydual processingphotoshoppaid
  • Dramatic Black and White

    by Nick Page
    In this 4 video course you will learn different ways to create visual flow and maximize depth and visual flow in your Black and White Images
    Included are 4 practice files, 4 lessons with a combined run time of about 2 hours
    Covered in this course
    Utilizing Smart Objects in a Black and White conversion
    Utilizing Guided Dodging and Burning in B&W images
    The importance of Contrast and Visual Flow
    Controlling Tones through Color
    Utilizing Dual Processing and Luminosity masks in a Black and White workflow
    landscapeblack and whitephotoshoppaid
  • Mastering Luminosity Masks II

    by Nick Page
    Creation tools and methods
    Altering Luminosity masks
    Exposure blending using Luminosity masks
    Exposure blending difficult scenes using Luminosity masks
    Dodging and Burning using Luminosity masks
    Adding selective contrast using Luminosity masks
    Creating Depth using Luminosity masks
    Managing messy scenes using Luminosity masks
    Dual Processing using Luminosity masks
    The total runtime of this course is just over 2 hours over 10 videos.
    landscapeexposure blendingdual processingdodging and burningluminosity masksphotoshoppaid
  • Mastering Dodging and Burning

    by Nick Page
    Covered in this course:
    Why Dodging and burning is such a crucial part of the editing process
    Freehand dodging and burning
    Guided Dodging and burning
    Dodging and Burning using smart objects
    Dodging and Burning using contrast adjustments
    Creating Depth and atmosphere
    Creating visual path
    Creating Color separation
    This is a 11 video set, with a Combined runtime of around 1.75 hours
    landscapedodging and burningphotoshoppaid
  • Light Contouring

    by Ryan Dyar
    Figuring out how to make light appear three dimensional in my images is one of the most game-changing things I've done for my post processing skill set. In this tutorial we utilize simple techniques, that you may already know, but apply them in a way you may never have thought to try. Take full control of the light in your photos and use it to make images that truly shine with deep dimensionality. 
    This video shows you what I love to do most in Photoshop; controlling, enhancing, and even creating light. These are some of the most powerful techniques any digital photographer could add to their bag of tricks and will take their photos to the next level.  
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshoppaid
  • Something From Nothing - El Capitan

    by Ryan Dyar
    This in-depth tutorial is a laid back journey into seeing what can be created when timing and field technique is not working in our favor. Join in as we attempt to make something from nothing by blending different atmospherics from two separate RAW files taken several minutes apart… after already moving the camera. More than just trying to blend a couple images, the processing of this image requires fixing/creating reflections, removing distractions elements, using atmosphere to solve a compositional flaw, building three dimensional textures, the many ways ACR local adjustments can be used, and a lot more. If you’re more of a conservative type image editor then this tutorial might cause you anxiety. 
    landscapedramatic landscapesthree dimensional texturesblendingphotoshopacrpaid
  • Something from Nothing 2

    by Ryan Dyar
    Have you ever taken a photo you were excited about, just to get home and realize that it didn't represent the scene you experienced in the field? Unfortunately, this is a common issue most photographers I know have experienced. However, with modern software and a little creative vision you can make something from nothing. 
    This video starts with one of the more bland photos I have ever taken that didn't do the actual scene any justice. Watch along as I bring as much color and light out of the RAW files as possible, clean up the foreground, create a light source to light the mountain, building and enhancing cloud structure, and more. Almost two hours of knowledge with no filler!
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshopacrpaid
  • Start to Finish - A Creative Puzzle

    by Ryan Dyar
    Creative vision in the field is what can lead to creative vision in post-processing. In this tutorial we go from taking the photos for our creative puzzle in the field, to piecing them together on the computer. Starting with a multi-layered perspective blend and sky relocation, we go on to perform an entire workflow consisting of RAW processing, range masks, focus stacking, luminosity masks, light creation, warping, liquifying, pinching, atmosphere enhancements, texture adjustments and much more. 
    This tutorial covers the modern techniques many of the most creative photographers are using today, yet very rarely reveal. 
    landscapedramatic landscapesfocus stackingluminosity masksrange maskscreative warpingliquifyingatmosphere enhancementperspective blendphotoshopacrpaid
  • Working with Winter

    by Ryan Dyar
    These are Santa's favorite type of images to process... winter landscapes! This tutorial covers all the techniques I use to make crisp, clean, and fresh looking winter images. From creating blowing snow, falling snowflakes, highlight glints, composing with contrast, rim-light, a fix for mediocre snow, and a lot more. As always, I cut out any parts of the video that are not useful information. All learning, no filler. I'm excited to share these processing ideas with you!
    landscapedramatic landscapesphotoshoppaid
  • Let's Change the Weather - Mt. Whitney

    by Ryan Dyar
    The “Something From Nothing” series that I started six years ago has been one of my favorite types of Photoshop tutorials to make, and this one is fairly extreme with a lot of techniques I haven’t shared before. 
    For starters, it’s the only monochrome (*but not) image I’ve ever processed for a tutorial. Second, this video shows us just how crazy we can go with fog and atmospheric adjustments… which turns out to be A LOT. 
    Then there are things like split-toning, handmade light rays, astonishing amounts of cloning from several exposures, how large of a role that the Adobe Camera Raw filter can play in our workflow, hand-drawn textures, and more. 
    landscapedramatic landscapessplit toninglight raysphotoshoppaid
  • Complete Workflow - Iceland Highlands

    by Sean Bagshaw
    Iceland Highlands is the next installment in my Complete Workflow series of courses. It is a comprehensive tutorial that takes you from start to finish through my image processing workflow. Using a range of techniques, I guide you in crafting a final image that expresses an artistic vision of the stark landscape and captivating light. Being able to follow another photographer's entire workflow is a valuable way to pick up new ideas and learn new skills.
    The course features the tools and techniques I use daily so you can see what my actual workflow looks like. Applications include Lightroom Classic 13, Photoshop 25, and the TK9 Plugin. Wherever I can, I show how to do the techniques both with TK9 and without. However, note that some of the advanced masking steps aren’t practical or possible without it.
    landscapeexposure blendingphotoshoptk actionslightroompaid
  • Wildlife Photography Essentials

    by Simon d'Entremont
    Take control of your camera settings, so you can then focus on the creative aspects of wildlife photography!
    I’ll reveal all of the camera setting tricks that I use to…
    Take top-quality images!
  • Composition Masterclass

    by William Patino
    Through years of teaching, I’ve found that composition is the main consistent area that my students require help with, regardless of their experience level. In this course, I'll share the ‘how’ but more importantly, the ‘why’ behind composition, so you have the knowledge to see the shot and the know-how to make the most of any scenario.
    landscapecompositionrule of thirdsdepthlayerscompositionpaid
  • Landscape Retouching Masterclass

    by William Patino
    I know when I first started on my photography journey, learning how to process my raw files in Lightroom or Photoshop was quite daunting. Over the years, I’ve developed an editing workflow that is highly effective, fun, and intuitive to adopt. I believe if something is simple, it can be more enjoyable, and with that enjoyment comes greater results and enthusiasm.
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